Welcome to Raleigh Raye’s!

Welcome to Raleigh Raye’s!

Hello everyone, Ashlynn here! Welcome to Raleigh Raye’s, a women’s clothing boutique based in northern Indiana! Raleigh Raye’s was created in May of 2022, a month before I graduated high school. I’ve always wanted to own a business and work for myself, so Raleigh Raye’s was a dream come true! 

I’ve been running this business for a whole year now and for awhile I wrestled with where I wanted to take it. My love for clothes will always remain a constant in my life and for this business, but there is so much more in my life that I LOVE! I love fashion, food, Jesus, skin care, makeup, nails, diy’s, exploring, and so much more. I would really like to make this business into more than just clothes, I want it to be a direct reflection of me. 

So, with that being said, I would love to welcome you to the blog portion of Raleigh Raye’s! Stay tuned for our first official post. I’m so excited to try new things and hopefully inspire others! 

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